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Essential Skills for Top Marketing Professionals

As the world of marketing shifts into the digital realm, businesses are searching for professionals who are proficient with a range of tools and talents to work in a variety of environments. Knowing which of your skills to call attention to in your resume and interviews can be a daunting task. The guide below describes top aptitudes for marketing specialists in the modern era.



  • Data analysis. Employers want professionals who can decipher data to detect effective marketing strategies and trends in customer behavior. This information helps companies adapt their products and user experiences to have the greatest impact as well as optimize their use of resources.
  • Critical thinking. According to the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook, market research analysts must be able to develop, adjust, and evaluate the potential value of various proposed strategies based on broader marketing research and data from their specific company. Critical thinking allows these employees to identify possible flaws in a particular campaign and devise innovative solutions.



  • Mobile. With over half of online purchases being made from cellphones and tablets, mobile marketing is an area of great need. Candidates who are adept in mobile campaigns and designs may have a leg-up over the competition, as this skill is expected to demonstrate one of the highest growth rates.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). Top marketing professionals know how to help search engines find and promote their company website in applicable searches. By doing so, they find and connect with possible future customers whose goals align with the business’s services. They employ keywords and relevant hyperlinks to make their site more visible to the target client base.


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  • E-mail and social media. E-mail and social media marketing strategies are essential to a company’s growth in the technological age. The ability to work within a restrictive character limit and an understanding of the popular language used for each platform are necessary for a successful online campaign. In fact, 92% of marketers have reported that social media is important for their businesses.
  • Copywriting and content marketing. A future hire’s ability to produce interesting, well-written, and SEO-friendly material is extremely valuable to potential employers. Effective writing supports a positive customer experience by ensuring that clients understand the product and how to use it. Marketing professionals may also publish additional content to keep clients engaged, such as quarterly brochures or articles.



  • Data visualization. Condensing large amounts of information into charts and graphics promotes smooth internal operations by maintaining a baseline of knowledge for all employees. They are also effective tools for supporting client knowledge of the product. Infographics are becoming especially popular across the internet, attracting a wide audience with small chunks of information that may be quickly and easily consumed. Adding a visual element will make your content more memorable!
  • Design. The ability to design your own documents and create basic mock-ups for your own proposals may be attractive to future employers, as it promotes streamlining and allows graphic designers to focus their efforts on projects that require a more complex understanding of the topic. Some programs to be proficient in include Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.


If you’ve spotted an area where you don’t have much experience, you might consider participating in a webinar or taking a course either online or in person. Doing so will not only build your resume by giving you the additional skill, but will also demonstrate your willingness to learn and adapt to the constantly changing world of marketing.

By Erin Coursey, iHire | June 07, 2016
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